About Me

Hi there!  Welcome to Slice at a Time.  I’m Heather Petersen, your resident Caker, Baker, and occasional Caking Risk Taker.   I’ve been making cakes since 2008.  My son loved watching Ace of Cakes and really wanted a pretty special cake for his 5th birthday.  Do you know the game, Halo? Well, he LOVED it…still does, and he wanted a Halo themed birthday cake.   I knew I had my work cut out for me with this cake request so,  I started researching everything I could, watching every episode of Ace of Cakes, Cake Challenge or any other cake show trying to learn as much as possible.  In the end,  I was able to make a cake that my little boy found to be quite epic!


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Pretty adorable little dude right?? He stared at it like this for hours…and actually didn’t let anyone cut it for days.  It’s kinda become a  pattern of his…even 8 years later.  He has a very hard time watching something I spent hours and some times days working on get destroyed by eating it, so we’ve learned to make a single tiered cake cake for him to serve to his guests just in case he can’t bring himself to serve his “real” cake.  😉



The  picture of this Halo cake made it’s rounds on Facebook. Before I knew it, friends of friends were contacting me asking if I would make their child’s birthday cake…then it was a Wedding Cake…and suddenly I was picking out a business name and looking for a commercial kitchen to bake out of and asking my sister to come work with me.  I baked out of  a lovely local Tea Room for a while, and when I out grew that space, I met a young, up and coming local caterer who was looking for a space to run her growing business out of and also open a cafe.  We decided to team up, and soon we were booking more and more weddings and events together and keeping her new cafe kitchen hoppin’.  Life was busy and successful!  Years passed, business grew, my wedding vendor friends list grew, and I was surrounded by AMAZING people.



Without boring you with all of the MANY details that lead to it, I’ll tell you the short version of what happened next.  I have some health issues, one of which that causes me to suffer from chronic pain.  The stress and busy lifestyle wasn’t helping my body heal.  Plus, I didn’t have the time with my family that I really wanted, because I was either busy or letting my body rest and recover from all I had put it through the days before.  So…I made one of the toughest decisions I have had to make so far in my life…I decided it was time to close Slice at a Time.  I delivered my last wedding cake in the spring of 2016.  It was a bitter sweet moment, and I still miss the crazy fun that comes with owning a wedding related business.

Thankfully my story doesn’t end here though!  My kids have a love for cakes too, and you can read all about how Caking with the Kids was born here and all of the fun things we do over there.   And now I’m HERE…I’ve found a way to keep sharing my love of cakes on my own blog, at my own pace, and in my own home surrounded by my family.  I’m excited to see what comes next, and I sure hope you will be there to join me.  My goal is to inspire you to test your caking limits, chase your dreams no matter what life throws at you, and most importantly to surround yourself with positive and supportive people all along the way!

Now, get in the kitchen and make some sweet memories.